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Arubial is a family-owned stud with a century-long legacy of ethical farming and grazing and almost a decade of breeding genetically elite fullblood Wagyu cattle.

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WBBC awards

Kilcoy Global Foods’ champion entry at the 2023 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition, Jade Wagyu, was bred by Arubial using a Class 1 Fullblood Japanese Black. Earning Kilcoy its first Grand Champion brand award, the winning cut was described by judges as

“the ultimate experience of rich, caramelised, and roasted aroma with silky smooth tenderness and long-lasting juiciness”

with 58% marbling and 8.8 marbling fineness, a superior unsaturated fat content of 59%, and an eye muscle area of 109cm.

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The Art of Wagyu
Discover Wagyu,
the world’s most
succulent and
tender beef.

Originating in Japan, Wagyu has an exceptional taste and texture, making it the epitome of luxury dining. Wagyu cattle have a genetic propensity for intramuscular fat, resulting in a unique marbling effect in the meat that provides a rich, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth tenderness to every bite.  At Arubial, we produce premium Wagyu genetics for global distribution. Learn more about what makes our breeding program trusted by farmers around the world.

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Quality Assured

Lillyvale is a modern 26,000-head feedlot that supports the Arubial Wagyu stud operation, providing optimal feed management and nutrition to produce high-quality marbling Wagyu cattle.

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