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Crafting cattle:
The story of Arubial
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Arubial Wagyu was born on the home soils of the Morgan family property in Condamine.

Fourth-generation grazier Laird Morgan and his wife Sonia have been building the Fullblood Wagyu herd since venturing to Yeppoon in 2015 for the Annual Wagyu Conference. After savouring Wagyu for the first time, they became immediately inspired and deeply immersed themselves in the world of Wagyu, where it became clear their breeding program would follow an entirely new trajectory.

“Today, Arubial Wagyu operates across five properties in South East Queensland. Using meticulous and transparent data collection and performance recording, BREEDPLAN is the foundation of our decision-making process.”

We are committed to sharing our premium herd genetics with the world and value advising our buyers to make the right decisions for their operations. With our full transparency approach to objective measurement, data harvesting, and reporting, our clients have the tools they need to make informed breeding decisions based on facts, not guesswork.
At Arubial, we see raising Wagyu cattle as a craft. Our focus on maternal traits, fertility, and marbling means that the bulls, semen, and embryos we provide represent the very best of our 3500-strong Fullblood herd.

Meet the Team
Founder & Owner
A lifelong cattleman, Laird holds Wagyu in high regard not only for the taste of the end product but also for the remarkable docility and intelligence of the breed. Outside of watching the racing channel, Laird enjoys encouraging and guiding members of the Arubial team to excel in their departments of responsibility, while focusing on the genetic acceleration of the herd.  

While some people enjoy crafting fantasy football teams in their free time, Laird can be found crafting the next Arubial AI program from the latest BREEDPLAN figures. He finds satisfaction in breeding decisions that exceed expectations and intends to establish Wagyu as a sustainably functional, self-replacing breed by designing breeding programs favouring mothering ability and milk.  
While working to address the ongoing challenges within the industry is undeniably rewarding, Laird finds more gratitude in working alongside his family on the property and holds dear the memories of teaching his children to ride. Under no banner does he claim to be a professional chef; however, Laird maintains there’s only one way to eat a steak, and that’s exactly how you like it.
founder & owner
When Arubial Wagyu was in its infancy, Sonia spent the early years in the trenches learning the nuts and bolts of harvesting raw data, reporting, analysis, and everything else that falls under the umbrella of herd registration and performance recording. She was quick on the uptake and promptly developed a system for the administrative processes that underpin the herd operations.

With a natural aptitude for numbers, she was instrumental in establishing Arubial’s dedication to BREEDPLAN data entry and loves seeing the collaboration amongst today’s breeders sharing information and data. While the majority of her days are spent keeping the cogs of business and family life turning, she takes every opportunity to go mustering and camping out around a fire with the family. With a wardrobe to reflect her impeccable taste, she’s got an eye for quality and maintains that a MS 6-7 sirloin on a hot pan is yet to be beaten. 
Stud Manager of Arubial, Condamine
Hailing from New Zealand with a 17 year background in the dairy industry, Logan brings a fresh perspective and unique skill-set to Arubial.  
Other than enjoying a Tomahawk straight off a hot pan, his favourite thing about Wagyu is the thorough and comprehensive methods for live and carcass data collection, which are used to input back into the future genetic success of the breed. Logan has a natural aptitude for executing successful breeding programs, working with young stock, and following NRL tips.

He is highly driven, industrious, and reliable, and his results from flushing and AI programs speak to the meticulous focus and care Logan brings to his role.  
His young family is his priority, and it is these deeply ingrained values surrounding family that are important to him. With these values, he finds great satisfaction in being part of a family-owned operation, where he can align his personal and professional lives with his core beliefs.
Stud Manager of Brooklyn, Kilcoy
With over 23 years of experience in Wagyu breeding, James brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to the table, and his grasp on the history, heritage, and handling of the breed is in a league of its own. He has an unfiltered passion for breeding seedstock genetics and finds immense fulfilment working with Wagyu due to their remarkable responsiveness to calm and respectful handling. James shows tremendous care and consideration towards every calf and cow within the Brooklyn herd, ensuring their health and well-being are prioritised.  

Not only an avid beach fisher but also a devoted family-man, James considers fatherhood to be one of his greatest personal accomplishments. He demonstrates his thoughtfulness, keen observation, and careful attention to detail in his relationships, in meticulously recording herd data, and in implementing breeding programs to create the next generation of Arubial Wagyu genetics. James affirms that Wagyu delivers the world’s best meat eating experiences and is committed to utilising all the technologies available to consistently deliver on that article.
Manager of Echo Hills, Beaudesert
Prior to managing Echo Hills, Col was the Head Stockman at Lillyvale Feedlot. The kind of guy who can build a truck ramp out of an empty sardine can; he is incredibly capable, efficient, and down-to-earth.  

With a lifetime of experience working with cattle, Col’s priority is animal welfare, and he has a desire to ensure that Arubial Wagyu’s breeders are calm and healthy, especially during the calving season.  

He’s never one to turn down Slim Dusty on the radio, and above all else, Col is a family man. When he’s not watching his cows and calves, he’s watching his boys at weekend footy games. Together with his wife, he enjoys teaching his boys how to handle cattle and manage the land. He’s most proud of the improvements that can be seen in the health of both the cattle and grass country since implementing a rotational grazing operation at Echo Hills.
Stud Administrator
Growing up on a mixed farming operation North-West of Goondoowindi, Chelsea has spent her life around livestock. Graduating from UNE with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Management and an undying love for tacos, Chelsea spent two years in the Gulf of Carpentaria on a cattle station, followed by a year working between North QLD and the Barkly in livestock nutrition.  
She migrated South and stepped into the world of Wagyu in 2022, and she has brought a uniquely attentive energy to the Arubial Wagyu team. Between weekend hits of tennis, her schedule is filled with crush-side data collection, BREEDPLAN submission and reporting, carcass data analysis, calf registration, and vendor point of contact for carcass data and bull sales. 
Coincidence or not, she’s got an eye for luxury, a key trait of Wagyu; however, she feels this reputation sometimes overshadows the true stamina and gentle nature of the breed, which she has grown incredibly fond of.
Communications & Marketing
Having grown up on Arubial working with her family, Claire maintains that contrary to popular belief, blending business and pleasure is an immensely rewarding and enriching journey.  

With her educational background in Public Relations and Psychology, she now oversees the communication and marketing aspects of the Arubial Wagyu and Lillyvale Feedlot enterprises. Outside of strategising marketing campaigns and orchestrating well-lit photo opportunities to capture the team and daily activities, she amuses herself training her young dogs and horses.

Claire foresees Arubial Wagyu’s future expansion dedicated to offering exceptional genetics whilst also engaging in agricultural research aligning cutting-edge technology with sustainable, ethical practices.
Anchored in
As a family-owned and operated business, our strong connections with our staff, clients, and consumers are built on a foundation of transparency and trust. We take great care and immense pride in ethically managing our cattle and our country, with quality and nurturing at the core of our business.
Expect the
We’ve created a product founded on proven processes to ensure our clients can expect the exceptional when adopting the Arubial bloodline into their herds. Our advanced breeding systems provide verified and dependable data, supporting the collaborative global production of premium Wagyu.
Led by Wisdom
Our family is proud to be sustaining a century-old family legacy of raising cattle. We love the ever-growing nature of the Wagyu industry and continue to align tradition with technology to embrace the innovative exploration it demands.