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What is Wagyu?
Wagyu is the world’s most succulent and tender beef

Originating in Japan, Wagyu is the world’s most succulent and tender beef, distinguished by its unique genetic propensity for fat deposition within the muscle. This is referred to as ‘marbling’ and provides an unparalleled melt-in-your-mouth tenderness with every bite.

The evenly distributed ultra-fine fat in Wagyu beef has a low melting point, which allows it to infuse into the meat when cooked, creating an unsurpassed flavour. Wagyu’s exceptional taste and texture make it the epitome of luxury dining, sought after by gourmet chefs and food enthusiasts the world over.

In Australia, there are three main classes of Wagyu
Fullblood Wagyu

These cattle have 100% genetics that trace back to the original Japanese exports, with no evidence of outcrossing since leaving Japan.

Purebred Wagyu

This class is created by breeding an F1 female progeny with a Fullblood Wagyu bull, resulting in an F2 progeny. Breeding an F2 female with a Fullblood Wagyu bull results in an F3 progeny. Breeding an F3 female with a Fullblood Wagyu bull results in an F4 or Purebred progeny. From this point forward, any descendants resulting from subsequent crosses with a Fullblood Wagyu bull are classed as Purebred.

F1 Cattle

These cattle are the result of breeding a Fullblood Wagyu with any other breed. To date, the most popular F1 (first-cross) is Angus.

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Properties and Stocking Density
Arubial Cows
Brooklyn Cows
Takeda Park Cows
Echo Hills Cows
Animal health

We take tremendous pride in managing our cattle and land to the highest standard. Our priority is given to the health, safety and wellbeing of both our animals and team. To promote animal welfare and ensure human safety, we have implemented state-of-the-art handling facilities. Our stud animals are monitored regularly to observe their health, maintain vaccine scheduling, and carefully track feed consumption. We employ advanced stock handling techniques that are aided by a specially formulated diet aimed at minimising stressors and enhancing overall animal health and performance.


All calves are on a rising plane of nutrition from birth with access to mobile creep feeders that distribute a calf grower ration that’s specially developed by our team of animal nutritionists. Dry-land farming operations on Arubial supply silage for Wagyu breeders as well as commodities for Lillyvale Feedlot.
The impact of nutrition is considered one of the most significant environmental factors. The quality and quantity of nutrients directly affect health, and the role of nutrition in genetic and epigenetic modifications demonstrates a significant influence on biological variation in offspring. Changes in diet showcase the potential of nutritional epigenetics to affect the quality of livestock commodities, such as marbling in meat cuts, or the potential to enhance productivity and yield in carcass and offspring performance.

Weaning Process

Calves graduate through a weaning process utilising stock handling techniques that teach them resilience and tolerance to their environment. We strive to educate our weaners to acclimate in such a way that establishes a positive foundation for their temperament, responsiveness and productivity as they mature. From weaning, calves are either retained in the stud herd as breeders, selected based on their EBVs for the bull sale team, or backgrounded for feeders. While the herd is expanding, fertility is the selection criteria for female breeder retention. Bulls are required to meet a marble score and growth standard, and those that do not meet this standard continue on to Lillyvale as feeder steers.

Maximise genetic advancement
Breeding Programs

Artificial Insemination (AI), Embryo Transfer (ET), and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) are used throughout the breeding calendar in the Arubial Wagyu stud. ET is achieved using both Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer (MOET) and IVF methods and is completed using selection criteria that drive efficient genetic gain through the females of the herd. Premium semen is selected from within our Arubial bull team as well as from outside genetic sources to maximise genetic advancement.

We complete ET work year-round, while AI and natural joining occur from September 1st to December 1st. AI is achieved using fixed-time AI programs with follow-up bulls for three cycles. Fixed-time AI programs commence on September 1st, and all mop-up bulls are removed by the end of November.

combined expertise

The Wagyu industry is unique as it’s the only breed that is truly based primarily on carcass-quality production for selection. Our goal is to bring about a positive transformation in Wagyu through meticulous and transparent data collection.
We believe that our combined expertise in well-balanced genetics and optimal feeding protocols can make a significant impact on the diversity and success of the global Wagyu industry. By optimising feed conversion, marbling, carcass weight, and stud breeding stock, our aim is to produce animals that perform highly across multiple traits rather than dominating one.
Using data gathered from within our breeding programs and the feedback we receive from BREEDPLAN, we prioritise Estimated Breed Values (EBVs) for milk, carcass, and marbling, with a strong consideration of gestation length, birth weight, and marble fineness.

Innovation led by wisdom
Wagyu Feeder Check

Arubial Wagyu and Lillyvale Feedlot are at the forefront of embracing the technology of the Wagyu Feeder Check. The Australian Wagyu Association, CSIRO, and Neogen worked together to develop this innovative test that is genomically enhanced, which seeks to increase supply chain confidence through sire verification. Figures collected across Marble Score, Eye Muscle Area, Carcass Weight, Subcutaneous Fat Depth, and Average Daily Gain create an index for each animal. By leveraging this comprehensive index, it optimises resource efficiency, elevates profitability, and bolsters resilience within the Wagyu beef industry.

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Quality and quantity

The collaboration between Arubial Wagyu and Kilcoy Global Foods has grown into a valued partnership that has witnessed remarkable achievements in domestic and international markets. Arubial Wagyu has been an early adopter of the MIJ camera for the collection of carcass data to feed into BREEDPLAN figures. Arubial Fullblood cattle can be sourced from Kilcoy Jade branded products, while Carrara branded products are comprised of Arubial Wagyu F1 cattle. The product of this valued partnership resulted in the Grand Champion of the 2023 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition being awarded to Jade Wagyu.

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Trusted partners

ABS Australia specialises in the distribution of the genetic material of top-tier bulls from around the globe. In an ever-evolving relationship, Arubial and ABS have enjoyed outstanding domestic and international success enhanced by the Arubial sires and expansive ABS marketing platform.

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