Lillyvale feedlot
Located on the Western Darling Downs of Queensland
built by the Morgan family in 1972…

Lillyvale has grown into a modern 26,000 SCU feedlot that integrates with the Arubial Wagyu stud and farming operations. The synergy resulting from this integration of our production systems enables us to consistently deliver exceptional beef cattle.

Through close collaboration with nutritionists and animal health experts, our feedlot team has established meticulous management practices to uphold the highest levels of animal welfare. With a focus on providing a protected and comfortable environment paired with precise feed and nutrition management, we achieve predictable growth rates and enhance the quality of the meat produced. Our Livestock and Feeding teams ensure all animals are monitored for welfare and growth, including daily observation for health checks and feed bunk reporting.
Benefiting from a consistent supply of high-quality cattle, secure access to a pristine water supply from the Great Artesian Basin, and a location with a temperate climate, we are able to minimise the environmental stressors on our animals. Located in the heart of one of the largest grain and fodder-growing regions in Australia, a large percentage of our grain is locally grown and sourced complimented by supply from Arubial farming operations which produce 30,000 tonnes of silage per year.

At Lillyvale, we are committed to creating a positive culture rooted in respectful relationships and collaborative success. Against the backdrop of our feedlotting operations, we are fortunate to have developed a team with a profound connection to agriculture. The contributions of individuals who share our passion for growth are crucial for continuing the cohesive and enjoyable environment we are privileged to call “work”. We enjoy celebrating our wins with social gatherings as well as monthly BBQ events, providing opportunities for our teams to exchange important updates while sampling our own product. We prioritise the professional growth of our staff by offering regular industry training and career development programs across a multitude of specialties.

“We actively cultivate an atmosphere that rewards initiative, and promotes open communication, with a team who are dedicated to remaining at the frontline of progressive innovations in agriculture.”


Embracing the ever-evolving landscape of agricultural advancements, we consistently invest in cutting-edge technologies and stay abreast of the latest industry trends. Our commitment to innovation drives us to adopt and integrate state-of-the-art solutions that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and productivity.

“By fostering a dynamic environment that encourages curiosity and continuous learning, we position ourselves not just as observers but as active contributors to the future of agriculture, ensuring that our practices and technologies set the standard for the industry.”

Regular research is undertaken in our GrowSafe pens to monitor animals’ daily feed intakes and growth rates. These ongoing results allow for the optimisation of animal performance and genetic improvement using a measure of Net Feed Efficiency. The design and construction of the pens and handling facilities incorporate industry best practices to ensure that the welfare of our team and animals is managed to the highest standard.  The feedlot has 142 shaded pens varying in size, as well as expertly designed and constructed cattle handling infrastructure.
A newly constructed mill and feeding facilities incorporate some of the newest innovations in feed mixing and delivery to aid in the feeding of 400 tonnes of rations to our cattle.

This infrastructure allows the feeding of multiple feeding programs from long-fed Wagyu to short-term custom-fed cattle.
Lillyvale prioritises effectively utilising available resources to maximise our potential while minimising waste. We take great care to recycle the resources we have, including over 40,000 tonnes of manure from our pens. This recycled manure plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of our cropping and grassland areas. By incorporating this nutrient-rich organic matter into the soil, we improve its tilth, fertility, structure, and water retention capabilities, which ultimately enhance crop and pasture production.

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